Natural Medical Centre-Ann Kerr-Bell.

I was unique.

From the very beginning, over 20 years ago, when I focused on GUT HEALTH for Optimum Health, I was seen as different. I knew from my life’s experience and innate wisdom that best yourhealth comes from best foods via the best quality digestive tract. I operated my Natural Medical Centre principles to focus on GUT health as the primary approach for healing and maintaining optimum health for my clients. One by one people realised through their own health’s turn around, I was right.

Now, scientific evidence shows that I was right.

I pride myself as being an effective, efficient natural health practitioner, due to my common- sense approach of respecting what Nature intended for the human body, for optimum Wellness, Vitality and Longevity.

I am on a mission to change the way the world eats to maintain the network of microbes that maintains our basic physiological processes, from digestion to immunity, and all the body systems in between.

I am proud to have been able to heal and educate so many people and have great passion in continuing to do so.

Despite more money being invested on “health” there are more sick, tired people, not getting or staying well. What is missing?


There is now the greatest need to effectively address health issues.

To best comply, you need to know why.

At the core of all that we do, from your inside out(cells to skin), we educate you to become aware of your body, what nourishes it, for optimum healing, vitality and energy … so that your wellness can be eventually in your hands.

It makes simple sense to us that if we show you WHY your body is half well, unwell or tired, it will empower you to be responsible for your own health. We offer you a wide range of Naturopathic Health Assessments, Warrant of Fitness Checks and various Wellness Programmes.